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Flow Festival takes over Helsinki next weekend

Verantwortlicher Autor: Norbert Dewender Helsinki, 08.08.2016, 11:11 Uhr
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Helsinki [ENA] A three day celebration of music, food and art fills the historic industrial complex of Suvilahti in Helsinki on August 12–14 2016. Flow Festival presents yet again a wide array of music from old school legends to intriguing newcomers. This year’s line-up includes e.g. Sia, New Order, Massive Attack & Young Fathers, Iggy Pop, Anohni, The Last Shadow Puppets, Jamie xx, M83, Chvrches and over a hundred other acts.

In addition to the big stages, gigs are also held at small, atmospheric venues. The Bright Balloon 360° stage, itself a trademark to the festival, will host e.g. Yemenite and Ghanaian music and top-notch jazz. The popular stage seats twice as many people this year. The Resident Advisor Backyard will in turn present cutting-edge names from the electronic music scene and the Voimala-building situated in an old sheet metal hall is dedicated to techno. The experimental program of The Other Sound is even more extensive than before with contemporary classical music and also for the first time performing arts.

The Lapin Kulta Red Arena premieres in place of the Blue Tent with the new venue’s size equivalent to the Main Stage. The tent is bigger than ever seen in Finland, and the new venue doubles the capacity of the previous one. The Main Stage has also grown and is more spectacular than ever in 2016. As one of the world’s first carbon neutral festivals, Flow aims to give its public as ecological a restaurant experience as possible. With its environmental program Sustainable Meal the festival also educates food providers to become experts in benefiting from local seasonal ingredients and in sustainable cooking.

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