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Flow Festival showcases Helsinki’s top restaurants

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Helsinki [ENA] The internationally noted selection of high-quality and on-trend foods is at the heart of the Flow Festival experience. This year, Flow features some 40 restaurants with nearly half making their debut on the festival grounds. Some of Helsinki’s finest restaurants have created signature dishes for the event placing a strong emphasis on vegetarian cuisine, Finnish and Nordic specialties and healthy treats.

Flow Festival has long been a forerunner in diverse and high-quality festival foods and the bar has been raised again this year. In 2017, the ever-expanding selection of menus moves the focus away from street food into the direction of first-rate restaurant dishes, which makes the event stand out also in international settings. Several high-profile media outlets have highlighted Flow’s unique selection of foods in their festival recommendations for the year. As The Telegraph puts it, "it's with its food that Flow really comes into its own, attracting some of the capital's most avant-garde restaurateurs.”

One of the most interesting newcomers this year is Grön. Specializing in wild food and seasonal ingredients, they have recently been chosen Restaurant of the Year by The Society of Finnish Gastronomes. Other talked about newcomers include Na’am Kitchen and Roster. Also in the mix are internationally acclaimed top chef Matti Jämsen, who comes to Flow with a Bocuse d'Or ranking and a new restaurant concept MASAN, Helsinki’s favorite ramen joint Fat Ramen, The Old Market Hall’s gem Story, tea shop Théhuone and 4Friends, the culinary endeavor of four asylum seekers.

Over the years, Flow’s international guests have made requests for more Finnish and Nordic cuisine. This year, Finland, the Nordics, healthiness and seasonal ingredients have been made the focal point of the festival food offering. In addition to Grön’s award-winning menu, organic and Scandinavian in-season ingredients are also at the bases of the modern Finnish cuisine of Neighbour Bistro. Bistro Sinne Porvoo and Cargo add to the selection of locally sourced and wild food.

Health and well-being are also at the center of this year’s culinary theme. Healthy foods, smoothies and juices together with vegan cakes and ice cream are brought to the Flow Festival audience by, for example, CocoVi Superfoods, Jungle Juice Bar, Pure Hero and Flow’s partner Oatly. Like last year, all restaurants are encouraged to offer at least one vegan option. Flow also welcomes some new, wholly vegan additions to the restaurant selection, two of these being the before mentioned Cargo and Roots Helsinki, which opened its doors last year in the Kallio district.

To enhance and increase the supply of sustainable and delicious meals, Flow has teamed up with the Sustainable Meal initiative for the third year running. Sustainable Meal provides know-how to food vendors at the festival and helps them plan and create dishes that better take into account the different aspects of sustainability. This year, food vendors are urged to utilize wild food foraged from nature or coarse fish, such as roach, fished from the Baltic Sea. Read more:

Restaurants at Flow Festival 2017: 3 Kaverin Jäätelö, 4Friends, Baba Foods, Beerger, Bistro Sinne Porvoo, Cargo, CocoVi Superfoods, El Ceviche Güero, Farang, Fat Ramen, Gold & Green Nordic, Good Life Coffee, Grön, Jungle Juice Bar, Kahvila Sävy, Kimchi & the Chicken Gang, Levant, Lie Mi, Lämpö, Mad Wok, MASAN by Matti Jämsen, Na’am Kitchen, Neighbour Bistro, Oatly, Onda, Paulig Coffee Bar, Paulig Coffee Van, Pizzarium, Pure Hero, Roots Helsinki, Roster, Sandro, Social Food Burgerjoint, Soi Soi, Story, Thai Papaya, Théhuone, thetastydogs, Twisted Street Kitchen and UMAIJARI+Sushi. Flow Festival takes place in Helsinki's Suvilahti area on August 11–13 2017.

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